Sunday, 20 July 2014

And then there was none!

The Islands on Burrowes Pit are looking better every day to me, though apart from the feral geese, Cormorants and Herring Gulls little is yet using them, but I am confident that very shortly there will be a wader fest there. From Makepiece a Black-necked Grebe was the high light.
 Common Gull at the dipping pond.
 When I arrived at The Patch Hide with David G the beach was full of gulls, also 2 juvenile Common Terns were being fed by there parents on the beach. 3+ juvenile Yellow-legged Gulls among 100s of Herring and Lesser Black Backed Gulls, then they all took flight, the image below explains why. Shortly after several anglers took the same route so we gave up.
 The rest of the day was a wash out, which gave me the chance to thoroughly investigate the Plodland Moth Trap, where 42 macro species were logged, I'm still working on the micros.
 Several Crambus perlella today
 Spindle Ermine? 
 Dark Tussock

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