Saturday, 19 July 2014

Amazing Storm Clouds!

 Having dinner about 20.00hrs last night alfresco style in the garden, I could see dark clouds on the horizon. I was not prepared for the speed at which I can only describe as a mega size white paint roller shaped cloud came in. It was rolling at an incredible speed and as it came overhead, the garden irrupted with pots being blown all over and plants being flattened. The wind dropped immediately the roller passed over, day became night as the dark clouds followed bringing some welcome rain. I was not quick enough with the camera to catch the white roller and the above image does not reflect the ferocity of the weather, but shows how dark it became in seconds. I have never seen this phenomenon before, I'm sure it must have a meteorological name.
Juvenile Yellow-legged Gull at the fishing boats this afternoon.
 This morning a spin around Dengemarsh, Galloways and Scotney not unexpectedly found little of note, the usual Marsh Harriers, 2 Hobby's and 1 Yellow Wagtail were the highlights. This afternoon at the ARC a Jay at the pines was my first one this year on the peninsular, from Hanson c200 Coot, c150 Gadwall, c100 Pochard, 56 Cormorant on Cormorant Island rather overwhelmed the 4 Herring Gull chicks there.
At the fishing boats Mick and Richard had attracted a Juvenile Yellow-legged Gull with loaves of bread and bucket of fish heads.
The moth trap gave a poor return this morning but I have hopes for tonight even though it is raining at the moment.
 Cynaeda dentalis
 Langmaid's Yellow Underwing
Least Yellow Underwing

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