Tuesday, 11 February 2014


I didn't get out of the house until lunchtime thanks to the rain and gales. When I did both Black-throated Divers were by the causeway at The New Diggings. From the fishing boats loads of Gulls feeding along the surf with at least 2 Little Gulls and a Mediterranean Gull. I was joined by DW and shortly after we were notified by SB that the HYTHE HERON was showing in a public area.
When we arrived 30 minutes later it was not showing but SB new exactly where it was. We stayed in the car so as not to flush it even though we couldn't see it, some school children past it within a few metres as they left the playground and even appeared to look at it. After they went we got out the cars and I briefly spotted it on some metal work by the stream before it flew up into the trees. It worked its way higher and higher, before eventually flying off out of sight into nearby gardens and was not seen again before dark. 
It appeared to have been feeding in the stream between the road and the children's play area in Turnpike Hill south of the junction with Spanton Crescent. If you go the grassy area is very boggy and PLEASE RESPECT RESIDENTS PRIVACY.

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