Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Mediterranean Gull in the surf!

This morning from the fishing boats with DW, PT and The Joker 07.45-11.00. The boats protected us from the worst of the wind and spray. By 11.00 only myself and The Joker were left and the wind was really beginning to howl. 
Red-throated Diver: 3w
Fulmar: 2w
Gannet: 4w
Shelduck: 1w
Common Scoter: 1w
Peregrine: 2 hunting at sea and over the beach. 1 took an adult Little Gull  after a long chase and striking it twice.
Little Gull: 8+w
Mediterranean Gull: 4+w
Kittiwake: 137w
1,000s of the commoner gulls along the surf line and on the beach.
2w Mediterranean Gull
I couldn't see the Black-throated Divers on the New Diggings but the waves there were impressive.
At Scotney The Black-necked Grebe was sheltering in the calmer waters by double bends, the Long Tailed Duck was in its usual spot braving the full force of the wind and waves, by now the rain was lashing down and it was time for lunch. 

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