Saturday, 13 October 2018

All at Sea!

07.00-09.30 from the sea watch hide with SO, RW, Doug and AJG who collated the numbers:
Common Scoter: 21W
Gannet: 2,290W   (I did a single sweep of the horizon and counted 530 Gannets)
Great Skua: 2W
Arctic Skua: 7W
Mediterranean Gull: 116 around 
Kittiwake: 23 around
Sandwich Tern: 67W 
Black Tern: 1W
Razorbill: 1W
Auk sp: 8W
Starling: 75 down
Pied Wagtail 7 down
Harbour Porpoise: 1+
After I had my breakfast I went back to the sea at the fishing boats for an hour joining DW, GH & Doug seeing more of what was seen earlier including another Black Tern, also a female Eider flew into the bay. 
1W Caspian Gull at the fishing boats this afternoon
13.15-16.15 from the fishing boats with RW, JTM, AP and AJG who once again did the onerous task of collating the numbers:
Common Scoter: 2W
Red-throated Diver: 2 around (adult and a Juvenile)
Great-crested Grebe: 3 around
Gannet: 126 down
Great Skua: 1W
Arctic Skua: 28W
Mediterranean Gull: 358 came out of Lade Bay
Kittiwake: 374 came out of Lade Bay
Caspian Gull: 1 1w around
Sandwich Tern: 58 came out of Lade Bay
Guillemot: 3W
Auk sp: 9W
 Some of the 100s of Kittiwakes that came out of Lade bay
 Some of the 100s of Mediterranean Gulls that came out of Lade Bay this afternoon
Mediterranean Gull at the fishing boats
Sandwich Tern at the fishing boats this afternoon
JX61 in the beach roost this afternoon ringed as a chick in 2007, seen in Boulogne in 2008 and not seen again until today.
15 of the 18 Great White Egrets present on Burrowes this evening
Late afternoon/early evening on Burrowes from Makepiece Hide, a 1w Caspian Gull and a2 adult Yellow-legged Gulls came to roost, 18 Great White Egrets and 10 Little Egrets could be seen around the lake, also 3 Dunlin of note.

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