Monday, 17 July 2017

Ruddy Shelduck

After emptying out the MV this morning and finding my second Plumed Fan-foot I made my way to the ARC. On the outside of Hanson were 6 Red Underwings, 2 Copper Underwings and a Knotgrass. From the hide all 8 LRP fluffballs were present, along with 6 adults and 2 juvenile LRPs and 6 Dunlin. While there a call from MH telling me a Ruddy Shelduck had just flown into Denge Marsh. The bird was still present when I arrived though flew off shortly after relocating to the ARC. A Wood,Green and Common Sandpiper, a Ruff and a Dunlin  were all also on Denge Marsh.
At the moment boil at The Patch is virtually non existent so consequently there are few Gulls and Terns to be seen there.
 Ruddy Shelduck, Denge Marsh.
An evening visit to the ARC saw much the same but the Ruddy Shelduck had disappeared, Little Ringed Plover numbers had increased to 12 adults, also 3 common sandpipers, 5 Redshank and 4 Black-tailed Godwits were present. outside the hide a Pus Moth caterpillar was on the path.
Pus Moth Caterpillar  outside Hanson.

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