Friday, 23 June 2017

First couple of hours this morning was spent trawling through another bulging MV but nothing unusual was found,
Driving to the Observatory this morning the sad sight of a dead Barn Owl in the road just a few 100  yds from Boulderwall Farm. 
AJG had been sea watching since early morning and had seen nothing to record for his efforts, its that time of year, but if you don't look you certainly wont see.
The reserve was predictably very quiet, made even more so by the strong wind today, Hobby's can still be seen and a few Swifts moved south, the Warblers are more difficult to see now they are busy feeding young or starting a second brood.
 Little Owl Lydd Camp
At Lydd Camp this afternoon the adult Little Owls were both sitting out but still no sign of the juveniles, it cant be long before they are all out.
Galloways was also very quiet, 2 broods of Stonechats and fleeting glimpses of Common Whitethroat, Sedge Warbler as they dive into their nests in dense cover.
On Scotney main pit lots of young Herring Gulls on the islands and several 100s of Greylag Geese there, a single Curlew on the sward.
 Stonechat at Galloways.
 Plutella xylostella have been found in good numbers in the MV
Grey/Dark Dagger, good numbers of these have appeared in the MV in the last 2 nights.

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