Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Elegant Tern!

Squacco Heron
An early morning visit to the reserve before going twitching found the Squacco Heron still present. 
 Elegant Tern
A day away from Dungeness yesterday twitching the Elegant Tern in Pagham Harbour in the company of DW,GH and AJG. The Tern was showing almost as soon as we arrived and showed relatively well on several occasions while we there. It was good to see an apparently thriving Little Tern colony alongside the Sandwich and Common Terns.
 Little Tern
 1s male Red-footed Falcon
On our way home we stopped off at Frensham Common to see the 1s male Red-footed Falcon which showed well, the heat haze there made any chance of decent images impossible. While there a Woodlark sung from atop a tree a pair of Common Redstarts were feeding young.

 Common Redstart
Silver Studded Blue on Frensham common

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