Friday, 12 May 2017

Woodchat Shrike!

I made the mistake of stopping off at the ARC on my way to the beach this morning, although the Bittern was booming and a few warblers were singing, they didn't make up for missing the Puffin that flew by the sea watch hide. I did see another 8 Pomarine Skuas today bringing my total this spring to 225, also Roseate Tern at very extreme range.
 1st summer Little Gull from Firth
A visit to the reserve mid morning saw Little and Iceland Gull, 3 Grey Plovers, a Turnstone, Common Sandpiper, 3 Dunlin, the pairs of Pintail and Wigeon. Some of the Common Terns seem to have paired up now and are looking for nesting islands.
1w Iceland Gull from Makepiece
 This Grey Heron got a hot reception from the Gulls as it flew over The Patch this afternoon
This stunning beauty was behind the sea watch hide late afternoon.
 Late this afternoon on my way to the reserve Dave Bunney called me about a Woodchat Shrike he had found opposite his, a couple of minutes later I was watching this beauty.  Many thanks Dave.
 Woodchat Shrike
The Shrike was still present at 20.20 this evening per Dave Bunney.

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