Tuesday, 2 May 2017

 1w Iceland Gull after feeding in the scum at The Patch
04.45-09.45 & 11.30-13.00 from the sea watch hide with ML and AJG who collated the numbers, joined by PT et al:

Brent Goose: 6 up
Common Scoter: 66 up   3 down
Surf Scoter: 1 immature up 
Red-breasted Merganser: 2 down
Red-throated Diver: 3 up
Black-throated diver: 2 up
Great-crested Grebe: 39 around
Fulmar: 1 up    1 down
Gannet: 9 up     95 down
Cormorant: 94 around
Oystercatcher: 3 down
Sanderling: 7 up
Knot: 1 up
Dunlin: 6 up
Bar-tailed Godwit: 23 up
Whimbrel: 21 up
Curlew: 1 up
Arctic Skua: 1 up
Mediterranean Gull; 4 up
1w Iceland Gull at The Patch
Little Tern: 17 up
Sandwich Tern: 14 up
Arctic Tern: 21 up
Commic Tern: 952 up
Black Tern: 14 up
Guillemot: 2 up
Auk sp: 1 down
Swallow: 9 in
Harbour Porpoise: 3+
Fox: 1
The Surf Scoter past by with some Common Scoters outside of the bouy, it was quickly picked out of the flock by all present in the hide as something different, but it took Marcus Lawsons quick thinking to realise what it was. I did manage to get my camera onto the flock of Scoters but it was to far out to get any useful images.
1w Iceland Gull feeding in the scum at The Patch

Late afternoon at the ARC a Nightingale singing by Hanson Hide, a Bittern booming from the Tower Pits, a Cuckoo, 2 Hobby's, Sedge, Reed and Cetti's Warblers singing joined by Lesser and Common Whitethroats and Blackcaps.

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