Sunday, 9 April 2017

An Excellent Sea Watch!

1w Glaucous Gull disappearing into the gloom towards France!
An excellent sea watch today with good numbers of birds passing, the numbers would undoubtedly have been much higher if the fog hadn't been hampering the visibility all day.
06.00-12.30 & 14.45-16.30 with AJG who kindly collated the numbers, also PT,LH,PH and LG. 
Greylag Goose: 2 in
Brent Goose: 982 up
Shelduck: 19 up
Mallard: 1 up
Gadwall: 2 up
Shoveller: 25 up
Teal: 33 up
Scaup: 6 up
Common Scoter: 1,709 up
Velvet Scoter: 36 up
Goldeneye: 4 up
Red-breasted Merganser: 7 up
Great Northern Diver: 3 up
Black-throated Diver: 8 up
Red-throated Diver: 31 up
Great-crested Grebe: 5 on sea
Fulmar: 7 around
Gannet: 102 up
Cormorant: 88 around
Grey Heron: 2 coasting down
Oystercatcher: 5 up
Curlew: 1 up
Whimbrel: 18 up
Great Skua: 6 up
Arctic Skua: 2 up
Little Gull: 8 up
Kittiwake: 2up  13 down
Glaucous Gull: 1 1w at The Patch then flew out to sea.
Little Tern: 1 up
Sandwich Tern: 515 up
Auk sp: 1 up
Carrion Crow: 2 in
Harbour Porpoise: 8+ around
Whimbrel passing close inshore
It would appear that the reserve was relatively quiet this weekend, the Ring-necked Duck and Long-eared Owl still present, as was the Hooded Merganser, many Sedge Warblers singing around the reserve but few waders present, exacerbated by the dryness of the hay fields, appaently no more water can be pumped onto them as the current abstraction allowance has been used up.


  1. Hi Martin,
    Pleased to see things or livening up for you - hopefully will be joining you soon for some Poms.

    1. This year I wont go home early leaving you to see everyone off Nick.