Wednesday, 19 April 2017

A bitterly cold morning saw a slight improvement in the early sea watch:
05.40-08.40 from the sea watch hide with AJG,LG & DW.
Common Scoter: 45 up
Red-throated Diver: 8 up  1 on
Great-crested Grebe: 17 around
Fulmar: 10 up
Gannet: 21 up   58 down
Cormorant: 89 around
Oystercatcher: 12 up
Bar-tailed Godwit: 27 up
Whimbrel: 21 up
Arctic Skua: 8 up
Great Skua: 4 up
Kittiwake: 135 up
Iceland Gull: 1 x 1w at The Patch
Sandwich Tern: 264 up
Arctic Tern: 37 up
Commic Tern: 101 up
Guillemot: 10 up   2 on
Razorbill: 3 up
Auk sp: 111 up
Harbour Porpoise: 4

 Cetti's Warbler at Denge Marsh
I could only see 1 Slavonian Grebe on the New Diggings this morning in a brief look. The Ring-necked duck was still missing from Cook's Pool but seen on Burrowes by CT. A pleasant walk around the reserve saw 2 Garganey from Firth plenty of warblers including at least 4 Lesser Whitethroats, the White-fronted Goose still present, as is the Hooded merganser. A Bittern was booming from the ramp and 4+ Whimbrel were around the reserve.
 Red-breasted Mergansers past the fishing boats this afternoon
12.50-17.00 from the fishing boats joined by AJG:
Common Scoter: 68 up   3 down
Red-breasted Merganser: 7 up
Red-throated Diver: 3 up
Black-throated Diver: 1 up
Great-crested Grebe: 11around
Gannet: 17 up  
Bar-tailed Godwit: 21 up
Whimbrel: 85 up
Arctic Skua: 2 up
Great Skua: 4 up
Kittiwake: 24 up
Sandwich Tern: 76 up
Common Tern: 25
Arctic Tern: 11 up
Commic Tern: 147 up
Guillemot: 1 up  
Razorbill: 1 up
Auk sp: 6 up
Swallow: 5 in
Grey Seal: 1
Harbour Porpoise: 4+
 Whimbrel  past the fishing boats
Grey Seal ripping a Harbour Porpoise calf apart after killing it!

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