Saturday, 11 March 2017

El Gouna!

We had a week in El Gouna, Egypt 24th February-3 March for a bit sunshine, also so the builders could rip out our bathroom and start putting a new one in. The birding was very slow as we were probably about 3-4 weeks early for but showed me the potential of this resort. Access around the resort was  easy and safe. I spent most of my time on the golf course, the beaches (early morning) and Abydos Marina. Although I saw lots of Sooty and White-eyed Gulls I just could not get close to them. If i go again I'll go for a couple of weeks and hire boats to take me out to the Gulls. Below is a small sample of some of the images I took, I've still got many to edit. 
 Nile Valley Sunbird (male) common on the golf course

 Nile Valley Sunbird (female)
 Bluethroat common around the resort

 Greater Sand Plover c20 birds daily at Abydos Marina

 Pied Kingfishers up to 8 seen daily Abydos Marina (never got close to them)
 Caspian Terns common around the resort
 Slender-billed Gull common around the resort
 Red-throated Pipit common on the golf course the last couple of days
 Water Pipit unexpected on the golf course
 White Wagtail abundant all sites
 Spannish Sparrow Abundant on the golf course
 Cattle Egret common and tame
 Spur-winged Plover c20 on the golf course daily
 Hooded Crow abundant everywhere
 Steppe Gull common at the marina and off shore
 Whimbrel only 4 seen
 Woodchat Shrike only 1 seen on the golf course
 Lesser Whitethroat common around the resort
 Black-headed Yellow Wagtail numerous the last 2 days on the golf gourse
 Yellow Wagtail probably "flava"
Isabelline Wheatear 10+ the last couple of days on the golf course

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  1. Love these especially the Nile Valley Sunbird. Must remember not to come back as a female N.V. sunbird in another life.