Saturday, 22 October 2016

Weasel Encounter!

Very quiet at Dungeness this morning with apparently no grounded migrants and virtually no overhead migration. I wandered down to The Patch seeing 8 Pied Wagtails and a party of 23 Swallows on the way, over the boil c150 Black-headed Gulls with a few Herring and common Gulls and a single Mediterranean Gull.
Wandering further down the beach towards Denge Marsh Gully a movement caught my eye, on closer scrutiny just the head of a Weasel was sticking out of hole under a large yellow metal container. I stood motionless for what seemed ages  before the Weasel came out, it was very wary and kept on dashing back to the safety of it's hole. Eventually it came right out under the fence and ran along the wall over my feet grabbed a Beetle and dashed back to it's hole. It came out again, after about an hour of it entertaining me it dashed to the power station buildings and disappeared into a cable duct, despite waiting a further half hour I never saw it again. 
Always check those big yellow containers!
Cute Assassin!

 It ran along the wall and over my foot!
Just before it disappeared into a cable duct.
This afternoon on the sea a few Gannets, Mediterranean Gulls, Guillemots and a couple of Brent Geese.
This evening at the ARC Egret 14 Great White Egrets and 19 Little Egrets came into the roost.
Cypress Carpet
The Plodland MV has been very poor lately, so this Cypress Carpet was a nice surprise.

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