Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Foggy Monterey Pelagic

The sea was mirror calm and the light was so poor and flat that most of the images I took were deleted, the following are the best I could in the circumstances.
Pigeon Guillemot just outside the harbour
Black-vented Shearwater we saw 1,000s of these but this was the only usable image
Rhinoceros Auklet only 5 seen
 Pink-footed Shearwater. These followed the boat all day but I still only got a few usable images.

Red-necked Phalaropes 1,000+ seen

An Arctic Skua about to have an Ashy Petrel for lunch!
 Sooty Shearwater. Many 1,000s seen and 100s of images taken.

This juvenile Long-tailed Skua appeared out of the gloom right overhead, once again the light was challenging.
 Black-footed Albatross several seen.

 3 of these Yellow warblers came aboard along with an American Redstart
This bird was caught, put in a bag and released on return to the harbour.

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