Tuesday, 31 May 2016

That Gull Again!

Another cold day of strong northerly winds and drizzle.
This morning at The Patch:
Gannet: 258W  21E
Arctic Skua: 1 pale phase around
Mediterranean Gull: 3 over the boil
Kittiwake: 8Wmany present n/c
Herring Gull: many present n/c
Lesser Black Backed Gull: present in small numbers
Great Black Backed Gulls:
Iceland Gull:  2nd calender year probably
Little Tern: 3 over the boil
Black Tern: 2 over the boil
Common Tern: 800+ over the boil
Sandwich Tern: present offshore n/c
Auk sp: 7W
Swift: 11 in
A poor video of the gull can be seen on the following link https://youtu.be/l1xi6Crdmwg
In the video it appears to an Iceland Gull, yet yesterdays images seem to me to lean towards Glaucous. As a very wise sage by the name of Steve Gale says it's a Gull!

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  1. Maybe there are two birds! My favourite birding theory Martin...