Saturday, 16 April 2016

Black Terns and Ouzels!

 Not surprisingly with a North West wind the sea was very quiet so 2 Black Terns feeding over The Patch with many Common Terns  were very welcome.
Black Tern over The Patch
Black Tern with Common Terns
A walk around the area found of note a few Wheatears, Chiffchaffs, a few Swallows coming in, a Raven over, a Black Redstart singing on the power station and several Goldcrests along the edge of the trapping area.
Plenty of Hirundines over the lakes today also Black-necked and Slavonian Grebes still present.
Dengemarsh Gully was very quiet, 4 Wheatears on the concrete vents and a Raven over were about it. 2 Common Whitethroats were singing by the gully entrance.
A wander around the hay fields found a few more Hirundines but little else of note.
 Ring Ouzel
When the rain cleared late this afternoon a text from SG alerted me to the presence of up to 4 Ring Ouzels in The desert 2 of which showed themselves to me.
 Ring Ouzel past the old lighthouse
Sparrowhawk in The Desert
 Mullein first of the year in the Plodland trap.
Early Thorn by the MV.

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