Thursday, 12 November 2015

Late Swallows and more Caspians!

2 relatively quiet sea watches though this afternoons was great enlivened by the arrival of 2 1w Caspian Gulls.                                       
                                               08.00-09.00                             13.30-14.30
Common Scoter:                  1E       5W                                    2 on sea
Red-throated Diver:                                                                  1W
Great-crested Grebe:            44 around                                   N/C            
Gannet:                                 33W                                            19W
Cormorant:                           49 around                                    N/C
Sparrowhawk:                        1 out
Oystercatcher:                        4E
Turnstone:                            16 around                                    N/C
Kittiwake:                              2W                                             56W
Mediterranean Gull:              1 around                                       3W
Caspian Gull:                                                                             2 around
Guillemot:                             3 on sea                                        2 on sea
Razorbill:                              5W                                                1 on sea
Auk sp:                                41W                                             68W
Pied Wagtail:                         5 on beach
Starling:                             120 in                                           105 in
Goldfinch:                            90 over
Grey Seal:                              1
I haven't been drinking there seems to be a problem with the tabs on blogger!!!
1 of 2 Swallows over the return trail
The 2 Black-necked Grebes were still on the New diggings as was a Great White Egret.
On the reserve of note, 2 1w Caspian Gulls came into Burrowes for a wash and a preen, also there 2 red head Smew, a Goosander, and plenty of the common duck species, 2 Great White Egrets, a Kingfisher and 2 Marsh Harriers. Around Dengemarsh 2 more Great White Egrets, 2 Marsh Harriers, a Peregrine, a Stonechat, Cetti's Warblers, Bearded Tits, Water Rails and 2 Swallows over the the return trail.
Polish ringed 1w Caspian Gull
Un-cropped image!

This 1w Caspian Gull put in a brief appearance at The Point this afternoon and declined the bread I through out for it, unlike the Polish bird which greedily filled it's crop.   

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