Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Don't Panic!

After going through this mornings disappointing moth catch, a Kent Black Arches being the highlight I drove to the observatory, where after a chat with DW I went out to the trapping area without any expectations. I spent about half an hour looking around and was making my way back to the observatory, when I flushed an Owl from a bush right beside me. I swung my camera up nearly strangling myself, fired off a series of very panicked shots as the Owl disappeared behind a bush, as is usual in such situations it did not come out the other side of the bush. I quickly moved a few yards forward so the bush was not obscuring my view, just in time to see it land briefly c50mts away in a sallow, allowing me to fire off a couple more record shots before it moved deeper into the trapping area. I did see it again even more briefly as I walked the Pilots path and flushed it again. 
 The product of a panicked shot!
A distant shot of the L.E.Owl showing its characteristic ear tufts!
12.00-13.30 sea watch from The Point, it was not exactly riveting but was just brilliant soaking up the sun sitting right on the waters edge in cool sea breeze. 
Common Scoter: 45E
Gannet: 19E  5W
Cormorant:  6E  3W
Sandwich Tern: c30 feeding along the colour change
Common Tern: 2E