Friday, 19 June 2015


Swallows in the Screen yesterday.
At last yesterday evening was calm and warm, just right for a stroll around the Scotney GP complex. As I walked through the farm a Spoonbill appeared from a creek in the NE corner, it's probably the bird I saw there a few days ago. In the paddocks running around among the cows and sheep several Yellow and Pied Wagtails were collecting food for nestlings. Several more Yellow Wagtails were in the crop fields along with Corn Buntings. On the islands a minimum of 15 sitting Avocets and a single pair of Common Terns. While wandering out near the wind turbines scanningf for Barn owls, I picked up a party of 4 Great White Egrets heading SE. Also 3 Barn Owls and a Little Owl were seen.

 The Viper's Bugloss along the causeway is superb at the moment.
 Barely a ripple at The Patch this morning meant no birds, hopefully the power station will soon have boiling again. 2 Black redstarts were singing in compound and 2 Hummingbird Hawkmoths were sunning on perimeter wall. 2 Cuckoo's and 5 Hobby's could be seen around the ARC, along with usual Warblers ans Wildfowl.
 Whats left of the old farm house at Dengemarsh 
 Alder Moth fairly rare down here.
A Dark Sword-grass was the best of the 32 species of macro moth last night, though not very photogenic.
 Privet Hawkmoth

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