Saturday, 31 January 2015


First thing this morning at The Point virtually no off shore movement, just a few Gannets on the horizon. The gull roost was once again non existent.
At Scotney no change, the drake Scaup over at the far bank from the double bends, the 3 Black-necked Grebes hiding in the pool at the Kent end, the 2 Tundra Bean Geese, 18 Greater White-fronted Geese and all the other usual suspects present.
A wander around Pigwell was bitterly cold and very few birds to be seen, though 2 Stonechats were entertaining, an adult male Marsh Harrier flew through and a Kingfisher flashed over the wash out lake. A quick look for the Cattle Egrets drew a blank though Great White Egrets could be seen in the fields.
 Out on Walland the Bewick Swans and Whooper Swan were still in situ. Plenty of Tree Sparrows, Yellowhammers, Corn Buntings and winter Thrushes at all the usual spots. A chilly walk around Coldharbour and the Solar Farm was disappointing though a Black Redstart was some compensation.
On the beach this afternoon I joined Mick and Richard, but despite there best efforts with fish heads and loaves of bread the Gulls just weren't around. If you want to see the Littlehamton Kumlien's Gull well, the boys will be there tomorrow loaded with fish heads, loaves and popcorn.

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