Thursday, 24 July 2014

Jersey Tiger and other garden critters!

Jersey Tiger
 In the Plodland moth trap this morning I was very pleased to find a Jersey Tiger, although apparently it is now common around the London area. Also in the trap a Roesel's Bush cricket along with many other moths.
Roesel's Bush Cricket
 On my way to the observatory this morning I met DW near the car park who pointed out a Clouded Yellow butterfly. He had been down to The Patch with little to report.
With the temperatures rising I had a rather lazy day around Plodland watching the Buddleia's and failing miserably to get any images of the visiting butterfly's.
Great Green Bush Cricket
While checking the front Budleia Great Green Bush Cricket crash landed on the drive an impressive beast.
What I believe to be an Ichneumon Wasp species grabbed a caterpillar and carried it off under the garden shed. I will speak to one of the the Dungeness insect Gurus to ascertain the identity of the wasp.
This evening I visited Burrowes Pit , apart from 100+ Sand Martins and 3 Common Sandpipers I found little of note.

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  1. You are getting some great moths over there Martin. Jerseys are great!!