Monday, 23 June 2014

Lazy, Sunny Days!

After going through the Plodland moth trap I joined DW and AJG at the observatory this morning, where we whiled away an hour or so chatting and scanning from the mound. A Red Kite that was spotted a long way off was the highlight. 
Barred Yellow in the Plodland trap this morning.
After snoozing in the late morning sun, I took a stroll around the hay fields and Dengemarsh this afternoon. Bearded Tits are still much in evidence in the surrounding dykes. The hay fields are drying out rapidly, unless we have loads of rain they will be completely dry by the time the return migration gets underway, leaving the waders nowhere on the reserve to feed up for their long flights south. I would like to believe that the water will be pumped onto the fields from Dengemarsh, but I can't honestly see that happening. On a brighter note the Tern rafts look like being a success, there are already a few chicks shuffling around on them, so lets hope the weather is not to unkind to them and the parents can catch enough food for them. 

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