Sunday, 29 June 2014


Guessing that the beach would be busy with fisherman this morning I had a lay in then made my way down to Dengemarsh via Springfield Bridge. Soon after arriving a tweet from DW alerted me to a Honey Buzzard he had seen fly north over the observatory. I scanned around and eventually picked it up a long way off. Thanks Dave. Hayfield 3 held 3 Little Egrets and 3 Grey Herons along with the Crows but will soon be totally dry, hopefully the pump will be put to use to provide a feeding station for southward bound migrants??? Up to 3 Hobby's and a Common Buzzard were also seen over the fields.

 At Dengemarsh the Common Terns appear to be doing well on the rafts. Bearded Tits seem to have done well with several family parties in the ditches and reed beds.

Just after midday the 737 came across in front of Plodland and into Lydd airport. In truth it was not particularly intrusive, the Army Helicopters are far noisier as are the Spitfire and Hurricane that are regularly in and out, as for the Meteor (I think that's what it is) another regular that is positively deafening at times. As for disturbance to the birds, only a few Pigeons and Crows took flight briefly as the legions of Foxes, Badgers and Crows have eaten or killed everything else.
This evening the Glossy Ibis was at the bottom of Hayfield 3, otherwise no change from this morning.     

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