Thursday, 19 June 2014

A Moth day!

At The Patch this morning another north Thames colour ring Herring Gull H8FT, a 2nd summer Mediterranean Gull among the usual Gulls, but not a single Tern. The highlight being 3 Mute Swans flying up channel. 
Mute Swans flying past The Patch
 Still 2 drake Garganey at the south end of The ARC.
2nd summer Mediterranean Gull
I ran my moth trap last night for the first time ever, so the rest of the day was spent trying to identify the catch. I managed most of the macro's in the end but did not attempt the micro's. 
Images of just a few of the very easy ones.
Buff Tip

Elephant Hawk Moth

Poplar Hawk Moth


  1. Welcome to the mad, mad world of garden moth-trapping Martin...

  2. I concur, welcome to the dark side of natural history...

  3. Thankyou gentleman. I spent most of today trying to id last nights catch. I will be visiting Mr Walker tomorrow with pots full of my id failures.