Monday, 21 April 2014

The calm before the storm! Hopefully.

Very little sea passage this morning. In the hour I was there just a few Scoter, Gannets, Common Terns, Sandwich Terns and 4 Little Terns.
A wander around the bushes was also very poor, the highlight being 2 Red-legged Partridges.
At the ARC still 2 Little Gulls hawking of note.
Another visit to the point this afternoon was aborted before I arrived due to the volume of tourists.
So I spent another short while with the Badger snuffling around at 15.30!
This evening I walked from Springfield Bridge to Hookers viewing ramp via the hay fields. In hayfield 3 a Greenshank, 8 Shelduck, 6 Shoveler, 12 Gadwall, 2 Lapwing and worryingly 39 Carrion Crows mainly perched on the posts of the anti predator electrified fence. Even the appearance of 2 Peregrines did not seem to bother them to much so I don't expect to see any Lapwing chicks this year.
At the viewing ramp a Bittern was booming, Reed, Sedge and Cetti,s Warblers were all singing, 2 Marsh Harriers were quartering the reed bed, a Whimbrel flew over and my first Cuckoo of the year was calling from the Sallows. 

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