Sunday, 16 March 2014

Kites and Harriers!

On the way to the beach the Black Throated Diver was on the New Diggings. A very short sea watch this morning as nothing was moving and nothing of note seen. On the power station fence at least 2 Black Redstarts and round The Point migrants were non existent. 
Red Kite by the water tower
My decision to wander up to the Water Tower paid off almost immediately as 4 Mediterranean Gulls flew over mewing, then I scanned of the airport pits and picked up 2 Red Kites with a Marsh Harrier. A few quick phone calls made sure most the locals connected with the Kites, indeed The Joker opened his back door took one step and Red Kite flew over him, a very short twitch.
While wandering round the pits another Red Kite flew north of the airport, then another Flew over Boulderwall Farm and appeared to land in a field.
Early afternoon sky watching from Plodland 2 more Red Kites flew distantly over the ARC Pit, up to 4 Marsh Harriers and 2 Common Buzzards were over the fields.
Late afternoon on Walland Marsh doing the Harrier Count I saw at least 30 Marsh Harriers but none roosted in my designated reed bed. However Water Rails were much in evidence vocally, 2 Common Buzzards flew through and a flock of 30+ Fieldfare were in the Hawthorns, my biggest flock this year. I picked up 18 very distant Greater White-fronted Geese at extreme range on the marsh, 2 Tundra Bean Geese were also present per PT and CP. Several Hares and 2 Foxes were in the fields and last thing a Bat sp. flew through.  

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