Monday, 17 February 2014

Razorbill Demise!

Once again the sea was very quiet this morning with the only bird of note seen being the 1w Glaucous Gull in the roost behind the fish hut. 
No photographic opportunities with the 1w Glaucous Gull today, this one was taken on 30/01/2014
 At the ARC 3 Great White Egrets, 3 red head Smew, 5 Goldeneye, a Water Rail was squealing and a Chiffchaff by the hide were the highlights.
At Scotney the Long-tailed Duck still insitu and 2 Egyptian Geese.
46 Greater White-fronted Geese heading for Sussex
 On the reserve the 2 Penduline Tits were showing from the ramp but very distant and hardly worth the effort, 46 Greater White-fronted Geese made a brief stop at Dengemarsh before flying off towards Sussex, a Bittern flew over Hookers where 3 Marsh Harriers were putting on a show and several Bearded Tits were pinging in the reed bed.
As views were distant here is one I took on Saturday. The female.

Razorbill plucked from the surf by a Great Black Backed Gull.
 This afternoon at the fishing boats a Razorbill that was obviously sickly and floundering in the surf, was quickly put out of its misery by marauding Great Black Backed Gulls.
North Thames Herring Gull RX3.T by the concrete road this afternoon.

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