Thursday, 12 December 2013

Sperweruil Revisited!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go back to Zwolle with DW and GH to see the Hawk Owl again. As we drove through Belgium and Holland the fog cleared to glorious sunshine, until we reached the outskirts of Zwolle, where the fog returned thicker than ever and remained for the rest of the day. The Owl showed very well despite the fog and the 3 of us took many images most of which will be deleted. Later in the day we drove to nearby wood where a Pygmy Owl had been seen, unfortunately we arrived minutes after it flew back into the wood and left to come home a short while before it showed again. Despite that we a brilliant if tiring day. 


  1. Unlucky with the fog Martin, and with the Pygmy. In spite of the awful conditions No 1 image is a cracker. Well done Martin, a great bird to see and photograph.

  2. Some super shots Martin especially that first one a stunner.