Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Yellow Browed Warblers and Red Breasted Flycatcher!

Driving out to the fishing boats just after 07.00 I met AJG coming away shaking his head. While turning at the end of the concrete road a Merlin came in off the sea and flopped onto the beach and a Chiffchaff was picking around in a patch of Sea Kale.
From the observatory I walked out into The Desert and around the southern end of the trapping area seeing 6+ Ring Ouzels, 5 Song Thrushes, 12 Redwing, 1 Brambling, 1 Sparrowhawk, 13 Chiffchaffs, 34 Swallows and 9 House Martins. Arriving back at the observatory I was met by AJG with the news that a Yellow Browed Warbler had been trapped, he had phoned and text me but some how I had turned the sound on my phone off!  
YBW trapped at the Obsevatory

 After viewing the YBW at the observatory, myself and AJG went to the lighthouse to look in the garden, where we found another Yellow Browed Warbler which promptly left and visited nearby gardens ending up back in the lighthouse garden.
YBW in garden of Studio 2

YBW in garden of Studio 2

YBW in the experimental station
 OL found a Red-breasted Flycatcher in the trapping which eventually gave me and a couple of others very brief views before disappearing.
Water rail from Hanson
 On the ARC from Hanson a Water Rail showed well in front the hide, the Glossy Ibis showed well on the islands albeit distantly. Also there a Great White Egret, 50+ Golden Plover, a Greenshank, 6 Dunlin, 8 Common Snipe, the juvenile Little Gull and all the usual wildfowl.
Brambling under the reserve feeders
 A short visit to the reserve late afternoon saw the Brambling still by the feeders, 4 Great White Egrets from Dennis's Hide, another from Firth Hide, c25 Common Snipe and a Chiffchaff in front the hide.
Chiffchaff from Firth hide

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