Saturday, 26 October 2013

Deja vu!

I spent most the morning tidying the garden and securing anything that could move in the predicted gales. While doing this a  new bird for Plodland popped up on the fence, a superb male Black Redstart, but disappeared very quickly, also 4 Swallows flew over.
An hour late morning at the fishing boats saw a single Arctic Skua, a Little Gull, 37 Sandwich Terns, a few Gannets, 1 Guillemot and 4 Swallows out.
This morning 2 Penduline Tits were reported from the reserve with a very vague location and nobody seemed to know anything about them, also a Red-necked Grebe seen on Burrowes this afternoon could not be refound.
A Great White Egret on New Diggings also 2+ more on the reserve. The Glossy Ibis still strutting around the islands in the ARC among all the usual wildfowl.
Another hour late afternoon from the fishing boats was very disappointing, seeing 3 Curlews west and just a few Gannets and Sandwich Terns.    

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