Saturday, 20 July 2013

Possible Bearded Seal? and 200 up!

Seal sp.
 07.45 at The Patch this morning, DW was already there grilling the Gulls. We carried on scanning the Gulls on the beach and over The Patch finding a minimum of 6 Mediterranean Gulls including a Juvenile and a colour ringed adult (Green Ring, white 5S3) also a 1st summer Little Gull. I pointed out a seal swimming close inshore to DW assuming that it was a Common Seal that has been seen regularly there, then carried on looking out to sea for a few minutes where a flock of c200 Common Scoter were flying around off Rye Bay. In that time DW had been studying the Seal and eventually said that that he thought it was unusual and that it might be a Bearded Seal. As my knowledge of Seals is very limited I was not much help to him. Others arrived and even with the help of mobile internet ID of the Seal was not confirmed. If anyone can help with the ID of this Seal I would be most grateful.  While looking at the Seal 2 Crossbills flew over my 200th bird species for the marsh this year. 4 more Crossbills were seen at Galloways by OL this afternoon.
CT covered the reserve this morning and apart from 2 Common Sandpipers had little to report and no sign of the Great White Egret on Dengemarsh this morning.
Mediterranean Gull colour ring 5S3
Juvenile Mediterranean Gull

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