Tuesday, 11 June 2013


First thing this morning I had a look around Walland Marsh. 4 Cuckoo's seen at various sites, 3 Common Buzzards, a single Turtle Dove, Tree Sparrows at the usual spots and 2 Marsh Harriers. 
Late morning AJG, MH and myself decided that we would go to a well know Honey Buzzard site and try our luck. Probably not a great idea considering the time and weather but us 3 duffers went anyway. 5 minutes after arriving on site a male Honey Buzzard gave us great prolonged scope views displaying with plenty of wing clapping, a few minutes later another Honey Buzzard appeared fantastic. While we watching them DB turned up and invited us to follow him to where he had been watching the Back kite. as we followed him down a lane near Selling the Kite appeared and gave great views. Pity I totally messed up the camera settings more than I usually do. While watching the Kite a White Wagtail appeared and a Garden Warbler was singing (my first of the year in Britain)

 We decided to push out luck and drove to Oare Marshes to try and see the Bonaparte's Gull. We pulled into the layby by the East Flood and more or less the first bird we saw was the Bonaparte's. Unfortunately it just sat on the island all the time we were there, also there some Black-tailed Godwits which gave a nice fly by and plenty of Avocets. We were not there long before the weather closed in. What a brilliant twitch.

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