Saturday, 1 June 2013


This morning at the south end of the ARC a drake Garganey and a Little Ringed Plover were the highlights. On The Point 3 Spotted Flycatchers in the moat, 3 Male Black Redstarts singing around the power station and a female by the car park, a newly arrived Willow warbler on the photogenic  perimeter security wire were of note.
Late morning from the garden up to 4 Marsh Harriers and 4 Hobby's could be seen, also a Common Buzzard, a Sparrowhawk, several Grey Herons to and from the Lydd Heronry, also good numbers of Swifts and Hirundines very high.
Willow Warbler
 This afternoon I joined DW,GH, AJG and P on a trip around a few sites in Kent looking for Orchids. We saw many Lady Orchids, a few Fly Orchids and Man Orchids, some Early Purple Orchids, Birds Nest Orchids, White Helleborines and some Greater Butterfly Orchids and Spotted Orchids which were not yet in flower.
Lady Orchids

Lady Orchid

Lady Orchid (Whire Form)

Man Orchid

Fly Orchid

Fly Orchid

White Helleborine

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  1. Love your Orchid pics, thanks for sharing those.