Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Still waiting for it to happen!

Yesterdays seawatch was slow but today was even worse, only the 4+ Harbour Porpoises very close to shore were of any interest. 2 Black Redstarts on the power station wall and a Wheatear by the station. At the south end of the ARC nothing of note but on a second visit 4 Whimbrel had dropped in.
As I was having a coffee break at home 3 Jays flew over and out towards the ranges.
Parking at the entrance to Scotney Court I then walked to the western end of the pit and back seeing the Long-tailed Duck again roosting on the eastern spit and 2 Whimbrel on the turf, probably the most interesting sight was a burnt out Hot Hatch in the layby opposite the pit. 
 Another plod from Springfield Bridge round the Hayfields found the usual singing warblers, 2 drake Garganey, 5 more Whimbrel and a 2 Yellow Wagtails, also the Bittern booming periodically, The improved Tern rafts were put out on Dengemarsh today, Craig doing the hard work holding the outboard! note the state of the art anchor.
Whimbrel south end of the ARC
With little at Dungeness and SC tweeting a Black Kite near Appledore I made my way across the marsh to East Guldeforde to scan across the fields to Appledore and Rye, but could only find Common Buzzards. I was a few hundred yards from home when OL text a Red Kite over the trapping area, parking quickly I scanned the horizon towards the trapping area and the gantry but could see nothing in the heat haze apart from 4 Marsh Harriers round the tower, another scan picked up a raptor that appeared to be over the airport, once in the scope a very hazy Red Kite materialised a few more minutes scanning picked up a Peregrine and a Raven. PT found a summer plumaged Black-necked Grebe on Lade North Pit this morning.    

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