Monday, 18 February 2013


Myself, DW, GH and TG all wanted to go back to Thetford to try and see the Otters that we missed last week. This morning we drove to Thetford arriving mid morning. As we walked down the path towards the town centre I spotted an Otter under the bridge, which gave us great views all be it in very poor light. We followed it for c100mts when it disappeared into an ivy covered fallen tree where it started to play with another Otter. The light was so bad I have ditched all those images. As the Otters appeared to have gone and the Dipper had not shown either, we made our way back to the car park and walked down to the Nunnery Lakes. On the walk we saw several Muntjac and a Kingfisher were the highlights. Arriving back near the car park the Dipper had appeared and about a dozen photographers were busy snapping so we joined them. After a few minutes a birder arrived asking if the Dipper was present, we duly pointed to it 15 foot away, thanking us he casually asked if we had seen the Otters that were playing by the bridge 50mts away. In seconds he had the Dipper to himself. The Otters gave us a superb performance, it just a shame the light was so bad.   


  1. Great pics Martin such a priviledge to see these wonderful creatures.

  2. Nice one Martin, glad you got the Otters. They are superb to watch as we had the privelage to find out last Friday. We went for the Dipper but that ended up being the supporting cast.