Saturday, 16 February 2013

Marsh Rarity

Guessing that Dungeness would be busy today I was in no hurry to get there. A slow drive across Walland found 200+ Bewick Swans and a single Whooper Swan with some Mutes, scanning the windmills 5 Marsh harriers could be seen.  Midday at Scotney the Scaup was still present but little else of note.
The track from Boulderwall to the reserve was like a car park, with lots of birders wanting to see the 5 Tundra Bean Geese with the 7 Barnacle Geese. Also present there 3+ Great White Egrets, 3+ Marsh Harriers, 2 Common Buzzards and brief view s of a Bittern.
 Over the road at the ARC from Hanson some Smew were just starting to perform, when other people came banging and thumping into the hide! I left. They did me a favour for as I came out 2 Firecrests were in the bushes.

 On Walland at the feeding station a Water Rail with dozens of Chaffinches, Greenfinches, Tree and House Sparrows and a couple of Yellowhammers.
 Driving along Caldicott Lane looking for the Little Owl I flushed 2 Grey Partridges from the verge, thankfully they landed in the field allowing me watch this rarity the first I have seen on the marsh this year. No little Owls but a Barn Owl at the triangle.

Spiders webs glistening it the late afternoon sun

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