Monday, 17 December 2012

Twitching Again

 DW, GH, TG, OM and myself went to Queen Mother Reservoir today to see the Buff-bellied Pipit. The bird showed very well indeed and optics were not required. In fact it was too close most of the time under the concrete rim of perimeter mostly in deep shade. It was still difficult to photograph well in the sun light as it never stayed still moving very jerkily but still close. The Long-tailed Duck and Great Northern Diver were on show distantly It was nice to see a Grey Wagtail which put in an appearance on the concrete as few are seen on the deck at Dungeness.


  1. Good choice to go today Martin as I understand that no more permits will be issued for a while and by then it will probably have moved on.

  2. you say it was difficult to photograph, but you got some great shots all the same. Better than my Hawfinch, Bullfinch combination. :-)