Tuesday, 11 December 2012


After seeing the superb images of the Hornemann's Arctic Redpoll at Aldeburgh on various web sites, then being asked if I'd like to join DW and GH on a trip to see it today I was raring to go. We arrived just after 10.00 to see the birders that were present looking at nothing in particular, not a good sign! Asking one of them if the bird was still about, he told us it had flown towards the town and not been seen for a while, again not a good sign. We started walking back along the sea wall and after a few yards DW heard it call then again as it flew over our heads towards the Martello Tower and dropped out of site. We made our way towards the tower and much to her (GH) delight, DW and myself walked past it so she had to wave us back when she spotted it. From then on the bird behaved impeccably which is more than can be said for one or two photographers.
In the snow


  1. Super shots Martin, a real treat, and no doubt well worth the journey.

  2. Great bird and great shots Martin. I am debating whether to go tomorrow or not. I do not think the weather is going to be that good. I see you get spam comments like the one above. I just bin them, bloody cheek wanting free advertising.