Monday, 24 December 2012

Shadoxhurst Waxwings

Part of a flock of 45 in the Willow behind the pub.
After picking the Chelsea Tractor up from the garage this morning, (New discs and pads all round ouch!!!!) The other half wanted us to play Father Christmas delivering presents and cards. Driving  up Woodchurch road I spotted the unmistakable silhouette of Waxwings, which were swaying in the near gale force wind at the top of the Willow Tree at the back of the Kings Head pub. After apologising to the driver behind me I counted them, then took a record shot and made a note to come back when the weather and light improves.    


  1. Well done Martin - now you know all birding roads lead to Shadoxhurst!

    I had a look for them at my end of the village this morning and couldn't find them. And the numbers have built-up to.

    Have a great Chrstmas - I've enjoyed your blog just about every day of the year - many thanks!


  2. Have a good Christmas Martin and all the best for the new year. Regards Steve A.