Saturday, 29 December 2012

A very good and busy seawatch

Thinking that not much would be happening at The Point I had leisurely breakfast and drive down arriving at the fishing boats at 09.45 just as party of 60 Brent Geese flew east over the shore. For the next 3 hrs there was a non stop westerly passage of sea birds except the Brent geese that were mainly west. With so much going on I am sure I missed quite a few birds especially when i trying to photograph the Little Gulls. Thanks to Kevin for helping me to keep count and the spotting the Pom. Totals for 09.45-12.45 as follows:
Red-throated Diver: 128W     11E
Great Crested Grebe: n/c but many on sea
Fulmar: 4W
Gannet: 692W   Including 1 adult with a flouresent yellow mantle colour marked?
Brent Goose: 812E  (in 26 flocks)   19W
Shelduck: 6E
Teal: 4W
Gadwall: 4W
Common Scoter: 11W
Dunlin: 79W
Sanderling: 10W
Grey Plover: 4W
Turnstone: 2W
Pomarine Skua: 1W
Auk: 1740W    (Majoity Guillemots)
Kittiwakes: 1364W
Little Gull: 28W
3w Glaucous Gull: on beach

See Here (Mick Southcott) for better images 

New Diggings held 2 Great White Egrets and 4 Goldeneye. Burrowes Pit held 6 Goldeneye, 100s of the usual wildfowl but no Sawbills. On the ARC 2 red head Smew, 4 Goldeneye, the usual wildfowl, 2 Marsh Harriers and a Great White Egret.

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