Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Vis Mig Dengemarsh Gully

This morning I joined MH and BM by the sluice for a very enjoyable vis mig at a foggy Dengemarsh Gully 08.00-12.00: Totals below are birds identified most of which appeared to be coming straight in off the sea and up the gully. There were many more unidentified due to the conditions and some of us being a bit hard of hearing.

Brent Geese: 70w
Wigeon: 58w
Shoveller: 3w
Mallard: 2w
Tufted Duck:1E
Kestrel: 2 around
Curlew: 5E
Jack Snipe: 1 in and dived straight into the gully
Short-eared Owl: 1 just east of the gully.
Swallow: 31 in
Pied Wagtail: 11 in
Meadow Pipit: 38 in
Skylark: 122 in
Goldcrest: 4 in the gully
Chiffchaff: 5 in the gully
Robin: 22 in the gully
Song Thrush: 157 in
Redwing: 104 in
Blackbird: 112 in
Ring Ouzel: 5 in
Fieldfare: 3 in
Starling: c370 in
Chaffinch: 286 in
Brambling: 1 in
Goldfinch: c90 in
Linnet: c120
Siskin: 6+ in
Redpoll: 12 in
Reed Bunting: 7 in
Later a male Black Redstart was seen on the Dengemarsh Chicken sheds and a Great White Egret from the viewing ramp.


  1. I don't know if you realised it but "Vis Mig" in Danish means Show Me in English

    1. Hi Robin, I had no idea of the Danish translation. How are you? Have you had a good autumn migration this year in Denmark?

  2. Hi Martin,

    Still surviving here. Had a kidney stone in august, painful thing, and they discovered I have spots on my right lung. Going to find out what they are on Monday.
    Birding wise I have been following the geese migrating southwards, and the raptors migrating northwards, lots of Buzzards this year, counted over 500 one sunday morning waiting for the weather to clear so they could cross to Sweden.

    Have you got your camera fixed? Can't remember if I told you but I,m using the Sony Alpha A77 now, brill!

    I check your blog every day.

    1. Hi Robin, Good luck on Monday. Wow 500 Buzzards quite a sight! I am still waiting for the camera. I could have done with it today.