Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Cap Gris Nez

Long-tailed Skua, 1 of 4 today
Cap Gris Nez 06.30-14.30 TG,JC,BM and myself.
Red-throated Diver: 8s
Black-throated Diver: 1s
Manx Shearwater: 17s
Balearic Shearwater: 4s 1n
Gannet: 1275s
Brent Goose: 2s
Shelduck: 5s
Wigeon: 3
Teal: 1
Common Scoter: 292s
Merlin: 1 around
Kestrel: 2 around
Oystercatcher: 11s
Avocet: 5s
Ringed Plover: 2s
Bat-tailed Godwit: 16s
Whimbrel: 1s
Pomarine Skua: 3s
Long-tailed Skua: 4s
Arctic Skua: 74s
Bonxie: 103s
Little Gull: 2s
Kittiwake: 11s
Mediterranean Gull: 13+ around
Sandwich Tern: 891
Commic Tern: 704
Black Tern: 20s
Little Tern: 1s
Guillemot: 13s
Auk sp.: 23s
Jay: Flock of 30 out to UK (Quite a sight)
Coal: 5s
Great Tit: 2s

In the small wood  by the former German Gun Emplacements:
Short-toed Treecreepers: 3
Crested Tit: 2

From the ferry home:
Bonxie: 27
Arctic Skua: 3
Another brilliant trip. Many thanks to TG,JC and BM.

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