Saturday, 29 September 2012

Barred Warbler

At The Point after a late start this morning very little sign of any sea passage. 2 Arctic Skuas were probably the same birds seen for the last couple of weeks and a few Gannets and Terns off shore. On the beach the adult Yellow-legged Gull in the small roost.
After parking in the ARC car park and plodding out to Denge Marsh, where the Great White Egret was in its usual place and a Whinchat was on the fence at Hayfield 3, I received a call from DB about a Barred Warbler trapped at the obs. I was a 20 minute walk from my car but fortunately SB was able to pick me up and get me to the obs before the bird was released. After the bird was released it showed after a while and was on show on and off most of the afternoon. Unfortunately most the time it was partly obscured by vegetation and I spent the rest of the afternoon filling 2 cards.  


  1. Some good shots achieved of a rare migrant Martin.

  2. Cheers for text Martin but was at a wedding all day. Nice shots of the bird.

  3. Pleased you got some excellent shots Martin. A rare visitor to Dungee heaven knows when there will be another one!

    Didn't see it myself - back busy in the garden.