Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sods Law

A fishermans legacy
 At The Patch this morning a Great Black Backed Gull with a tangle of fishing line firmly entangled round one of its legs. The tangle was c1mt long but the gull was still able to fly. Nothing else of note was seen.
With slightly damp and very humid weather this morning I was hoping for a fall of migrants, but was sadly disappointed. Walking from the lighthouse to the obs no migrants were seen. At least the Wasp Spider posed.
Wasp Spider

 The best part of a couple of hours was spent sitting in the obs garden drinking tea bemoaning the lack of migrants and putting the world to rights, though a couple of Swallows and a Marsh Harrier moved over the obs. GH arrived and suggested we go in land to see some Violet Helleborines. They were situated in a brilliant Beech and Hornbeam wood but in deep shade. After photographing them and being bitten by some voracious Mozzies, we came across a Tit flock that contained a couple Nuthatches, 2+ Treecreepers and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker that really posed for us. Sods Law all I had with me was my macro lens, so I just enjoyed the superb views of it until it started to move away, when I took a couple of snaps of it with the macro (see the rubbish results below). My normal 400mm lens would have nailed it. 
Violet Helleborine

Violet Helleborine

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