Monday, 27 August 2012

Long-tailed Skua's

Due to domestic duties this morning I missed most of probably the best sea watch so far this year.
When I finally arrived at the fishing boats I was given a some what sarcastic round of applause from some of my kind hearted friends, who informed me with some glee of 10 Long-tailed Skua's, 100+ Arctic Skua's, 300+ Black Terns, 10+ Balearic Shearwaters with a supporting cast of Pomarine and Great Skua's and much more. If this was not bad enough my arrival coincided with an almost complete cessation of the seabird passage and most observers leaving (always a bad sign).
I stuck it out for a couple of hours and ended up seeing:
Balearic Shearwater: 2W
Gannet: 53W
Common Scoter: 29W
Ringed Plover: 13W
Arctic Skua: 9W
Long-tailed Skua: 1W
Black Tern: 17W
Common Tern: 161W
Guillemot: 1 on sea
Harbour Porpoise: 4+ off shore
On a normal day a really good sea watch but not a patch on what I missed, I still feel cheated and I'm sure my good friends wont let me forget. (The B*******)

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