Thursday, 26 July 2012


A day out in Surrey and Sussex today with GH and DW looking for Purple Emperors. We started at Botany Bay and had superb views of Wood Whites, Silver-washed Fritillaries, White Admirals and several other species but no Purple Emperor. We also so several family parties of  Marsh Tits and heard Treecreepers, Nuthatches, Bullfinches and a Tawny Owl.
Wood White

White Admiral
 We moved on to Southwater, where shortly after arriving at a spot I have seen Emperors before GH decided to have sit down and rest on the grass while DW and myself walked on. Seconds later GH called out after seeing what she thought was an Emperor high in the canopy. A short while later it reappeared and we manged great scope views at 60x. We then spent well over an hour with at least 2 Emperors in virtually constant view all be it high in the canopy hence the dodgy highly cropped images.
Purple Emperor

Purple Emperor

Purple Emperor

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  1. Great news Martin and fantastic shots of the PE. Have spent three trips to Dene Park where I saw them last year and no sightings so far!!