Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Lord of Hookers finds another Squacco

Due to family commitments I was in the midlands yesterday and missed the skulking female Red Breasted Flycatcher, they are super birds even the females.
This morning I was at the south end of the ARC when I got a text from The Lord Of Hookers about a Squacco heron that had just flown over him at Christmas Dell and disappeared into the thick mist over Dengemarsh. I parked in the ARC car park and plodded along to Dengemarsh through the mist. On the way plenty of Reed ans Sedge Warblers singing along with Common Whitethroat and Linnets and Lesser Whitethroat. By Hookers a couple of Bearded Tits flew by the path and the Bittern boomed from the mist enveloped Dengemarsh. Reaching Dengemarsh I looked from the hide at the Common Terns on the rafts, I checked around the reed fringes that I could see but no Squacco. As I came out the hide MH appeared and we made our way to the gate overlooking the western side of the marsh, there we met The Lord of Hookers  and paid homage. A few minutes later the Heron flew out of the reeds and settled across the lake from us giving distant and misty views.
While we there a Bittern gave a couple of fly pasts and some more booming, a drake Garganey was floating about and 2 Little Egrets dropped in.
After going back to my car for lunch  I went back to Dengemarsh with DW and almost immediately the Squacco flew across the lake towards us and landed closer to us for a couple of minutes before going into the hayfield and then out to Christmas Dell.

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