Monday, 16 April 2012

2w Iceland Gull Demise

The sea passage this morning was again virtually non existant as were migrants around the point. In the ARC Pit car park a Sedge Warbler was singing as was a Common Whitethroat, 4 Tree Sparrows were in the brambles there.

 Moving on to the reserve which was not yet open, the Long Tailed duck was in front of Dennis's Hide and 2 Swallows flew through. From Firth Hide I spotted what looked like an Iceland Gull but the light was so poor I had to move on to Makepiece Hide to get a better view. The gull was distant and looked very sickly. DW joined me and found a Yellow-legged Gull and also spotted a Garganey back in front of Firth hide. We moved back to Firth to get better views of the Garganey which eventually flew off to the other end of the pit. Unfortunately while the bird was on show the light for photography was dreadful. 
 Plodding further round the reserve a Northern Wheatear was at Christmas Dell and 2 more Garganey were on Dengemarsh as was another 2 Swallows and the Bittern Booming from the viewpoint. On the way back to the car I had another look at the 2w Iceland Gull which now looked very poorly, constantly retching as if something was stuck in its throat. By the reserve centre 2 Yellow Wagtails and a White Wagtail. Returning to the ARC car park 2 Marsh Harriers were displaying high over head. Making my way to the Screen Hide 2 Reed Warblers in the Tower Pits and another Garganey and 6 Little Egrets in front the hide. On my way to the fishing boats for an afternoon sea watch I stopped at the south end of the ARC Pit where there was 6 Yellow Wagtails and a stunning White Wagtail. The sea watch produced nothing so I went back to the reserve to have another look at the Iceland Gull. I quickly relocated it, unfortunately it was now dead.

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