Monday, 19 March 2012

A lazy day in the sun

On arrival at The Point I was advised not to waste time looking at the sea as that is all I would see.
A plod around the research station and both lighthouses found just 1 female Northern Wheatear, 1 Black Redstart, the Rubicola Stonechat and its mate and 2 Chiffchaffs. In the Gorse behind the railway station another Chiffchaff and photogenic Firecrest. Moving out across The Desert to the trapping area found another Firecrest and a Sparrowhawk displaying overhead.
At the southern end of the ARC Pit 2 White Wagtails with a couple of Pied and little else of note.
From the track to Hanson hide 5 Common Buzzards, 3 Marsh Harriers displaying and 2+Cetti's Warblers singing. From the hide still 4 Goldeneye but nothing else of note.
With most of the winter birds gone and summer ones not yet arrived I spent several hours plodding around the reserve enjoying the beautiful spring weather. From the picnic site the Long-tailed Duck, 22 Bar-tailed Godwits and 3 Goldeneye. From Makepiece 6 Ringed Plovers and a Sandwich Tern. The 3 fields inside the predator proof electrified fence (I can vouch for that) have now been partially flooded and look excellent for migrant waders, dabblers and wagtails. They should also provide a relatively safe nesting area for Lapwing and Redshank a pair of the latter were already displaying there today. An hour at the viewpoint raced by watching up to 4 Marsh Harriers displaying, a pair of Great-crested Grebes displaying, 2 Bearded Tits, a Bittern booming occasionally and several Cetti's Warblers singing.

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